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Returning to Shelters in 2021

2020 was a struggle to us as a team, as the pandemic restrictions meant that we were not able to visit our shelters and beloved participants regularly.

I was very excited to visit the head of one of long time shelters on the 4th of January and see the young ladies again.

Geared up in full protective wear, I was touched and a little teary eyed, that as my colleague Kaavya and I stepped into the premises we heard our names called out by the participants. The girls were able to recognise us and were so excited to welcome us back. My heart was full as we were both reminded of how much these young ladies need the programme and the impact Emerge has in making their day brighter.

Equally excited to see each other, we accidently distracted them from some work they were involved in but it was so worth the love and smiles that we were wrapped up in. A moment of sunshine and warmth that is so much needed and so sadly missing in these unprecedented times we live in. The girls could not wait for the team to return to start the workshops on the 8th of January

The wonderful officer in charge, who is such a visionary and carries so much of love and empathy in his heart for the advancement of the girls, discussed some exciting new ideas and projects to support the participants as reintegrate back post shelter life.

Stay tuned for some big announcement coming your way very soon, we are so excited and can hardly keep the news secret of a new step in our programme development.

More very very soon, with gratitude and love to our wonderful supporters, donors and volunteers who make all of this possible.


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