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Sell Baby, Sell

Since coming back to the USA in October, I’ve been focused on Emerge jewelry sales in addition to coordinating Emerge’s US team. I love selling Emerge jewelry. It’s incredibly rewarding to speak to customers and spread the story of how and why our jewelry was created, and every product we sell reminds me of one of our beautiful and persevering young girls in Sri Lanka.

This holiday season we’ve implemented a sales strategy that relies on several different sales outlets. The first is campus sales, Emerge’s hallmark method of both selling jewelry and spreading awareness. The MIT Emerge Holiday Sale (this year December 2nd through 4th) has become expected by our MIT and Boston community of supporters. We’re hoping to replicate our success in Boston at three other college campuses: University of North Carolina, Indiana University, and Michigan State University.

Our second method is through Emerge Agents – supporters who organize and sell Emerge jewelry on our behalf while simultaneously educating their communities about violence against women and what Emerge Global is doing to combat this. Modeled off of Mary Kay, Emerge Agents will be a key sales outlet for Emerge moving forward. This holiday season our first four agents, Katie Gary, Shantal De Silva, Eva Enns, and Nellum Lewis, will be piloting the program, and I can’t wait to see how the sales go! If you’re interested in becoming an Emerge Agent, please email me at

The third way we’re selling jewelry this holiday season is through event sales. Emerge has been invited to the Fair Trade Holiday Sale at Boston College, Helen Holiday Hoopla in West Lafayette, and has already participated in Shecky’s Boston Girls Night Out (pictured below). To read more about our incredibly successful Shecky’s sale, where we sold nearly $2000 worth of jewelry, click here.

And finally, online sales! Products have been flying off the (virtual) shelves at the Emerge Global Etsy Store, and in anticipation for the holiday season we will be posting over 70 new pieces so check back soon! With so many opportunities to buy Emerge jewelry this holiday season, there’s really no excuse not to. By attending one of our sales or purchasing online, you’re not only receiving a beautiful and unique gift, but are also playing a key role in the growth and expansion of Emerge Global. Thank you in advance!

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