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Sidi visits the girls at Panadura

Sidi, my nephew from the US, is one of the main donors who supported Chari, his brother in raising funds for the 2008 and 2009 Emerge holiday parities. On his recent visit to Sri Lanka Sidi visited the shelters Emerge is working with. I was glad he was visiting so that he would understand the work we do. First, he visited the girls in Moratuwa very briefly and later in the day the Panadura girls. The girls were so excited about his visit. They had a lot of fun playing musical chairs the “American way” (as Jennifer would describe it). After that, many photos were taken of the girls while they posed in different ways. Sidi’s sunglasses were a hit among the girls. Each one would wear it and pose away for their photo to be taken. It gave them great joy that someone took so much of trouble taking photos of each one of them. After spending quality time with the girls, he promised them he would come back and send them each a photo of themselves.

This made the girls very happy as they love company and having their photos taken, especially when they get to keep a copy as well.

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