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Steps into new territory: Emerge and emotional well-being

Steps into new territory: Emerge and emotional well-being By: Amanda Van Dort Emerge Lanka Foundation Country Director The purpose of Emerge Lanka Foundation is to empower young women to “rediscover and celebrate their strengths, develop their self-sufficiency, and become leaders in their communities.” Our programs “equip Sri Lankan teenage girls with skills and resources with their futures, using comprehensive curricula that emphasize leadership, life skills, and business knowledge, while simultaneously generating savings through jewelry design”.

Our past participants report an increase in confidence and self-worth. At the 2011 reunion, data collected showed that 100% can set their own goals, 75% say they can change their communities and 90% can make a budget. It is common knowledge that an extended period in an abusive environment or even a single assault incident is highly traumatic and has long-lasting effects. Without a sound mind, skills and resources will not be utilized to the fullest extent.

Emerge Lanka Foundation will begin to implement (2) Emotional well-being questionairres to identify participants who score high for depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress. I am happy to announce a partnership with Samutthana, The King’s College London Resource Centre for Trauma, Displacement and Mental Health, who will assist Emerge in assessment and analysis, as well as counseling training for our staff. Through these new measurements, Emerge will be able to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of our programs on participants’ emotional stability, as well as recruit extra assistance for those who desperately need it.

A new dimension to our programs. An area in dire need of attention. Another step towards the rehabilitation and development of the brave young women we support.

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