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Suba Natalak!

Where do I begin???

This month has been incredibly eventful for the Emerge Lanka Foundation. So many of our big plans are finally in action and it’s been overwhelming and very rewarding.

The most obvious event of the month was moving Emerge Headquarters. It’s a bit of a saga, so I’ll skip to the end and just say that we ended up in a place that is great for us. It gives us room to grow if we need it, a good location for getting our work done, and came at a good price. The best part of course is that the moving process is over!

One of the most quietly awesome events this month was the arrival in my inbox of a very important email from Prabhani. She has spent a great deal of time translating surveys that all of our girls at Panadura took when we started working with them. The surveys cover their lives, their hopes and their skills and it will be immensely useful in the months to come as we plan workshops to meet the needs of these specific girls.

We’ve had some great workshops in the homes. The Ma Sevana girls (and their matrons) learned First Aid and CPR from the Red Cross last week and found it really useful. Though I hope they never have to use the skills, I’m confident that they will now be ready if the time comes.

Emerge had a local sale this month which went really well. The American Embassy hosted the sale and we ended up selling almost 300 dollars worth of jewelry. We were really pleased with the turnout and grateful to be invited to participate.

We also had a good week at the homes, but I’ll leave that update for Nirukshi!

Take care everyone and Merry Christmas! (Suba Natalak!)

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