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Team Retreat

By: Sithara Pathirana

After a lot of hard work, the RH curriculum was finally completed and about two and a half months had passed since. I am happy about the knowledge I gained through the RH curriculum. We were able to complete our lessons on time due to the enthusiasm and dedication of the Emerge team. To this day, I’m very happy about how we reached our goals as a team.

The completion of the RH curriculum saw us on our way to Benthota for our team retreat on the 15th of November. We had our lunch at the Hotel and had an extensive staff meeting. The evening was spent at the beach. From where we were, the beach had to be reached by boat and we all enjoyed the ride! After returning from the beach, we cleaned ourselves up and had dinner. We had our goals meeting after dinner. Though we all went up to bed after the meeting, we stayed up doing various fun games, late in to the night! It was around 2 a.m when all went to bed.

The next morning, breakfast was followed by time at the river. We all happily got on to a banana boat for a fun ride, and fun it was!! * (the banana boat is a huge inflated long tube, with places to seat about five people, one behind the other. This is attached to a boat and dragged across the water) While taking a sharp turn, our banana boat flipped and were all flung into the water! Despite the safety jacket I was very frightened and clung on to Charuni akka and Nirukshi miss and went a bit crazy! It really was a shock to me! We were taken aboard the boat then. After reaching the hotel, we changed, had lunch and got back on another boat to explore the mangroves. We petted a baby alligator there. Back from the ride, I happily joined our last team meeting. The retreat was a good change. I’m thankful to Alia miss and Amanda miss for their thoughtfulness


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