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The First Day I Taught

By: Udani Emerge Office Assistant

Two days after joining Emerge, I was requested to teach a Reproductive Health lesson. I was kind of scared, as I wondered if I could do it! The first lesson in the curriculum was about personal values. I was asked to prepare for this lesson with the help of the manual.

As I prepared for the lesson, these questions came up in my mind: What are the most valuable things in your life? How can you improve your life? Who are the most important and valuable people whom you have met? How can you be like them? I knew I had to give a detailed explanation of this to the participants. I was confident, as I had studied the lesson well and was prepared when I had to speak to them. There were a few snitches, but I managed somehow; it gave me a lot of confidence.

The second time I was requested to teach was at Ranmuthugala; I was more confident this time. Though the participants don’t attend school, with the Life Skills lessons that Emerge conducts, they have learnt a lot. The lessons cover a wide range of topics: how do you a face interview; how do you live in society; what qualities do you require in your life partner; what is debit and credit.

These girls do have a lot of questions when these lessons are taught. I am happy to be a part of it.

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