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The Girls at Panadura have an Awesome Salon day

Working with the girls at Panadura has been very rewarding to me, they are a bunch of energetic teens who want to learn something new everyday, they are bubbly and very enthusiastic which can be very overwhelming at times. One evening when I was just about finishing the workshop I announced to them that Nayana, owner of Nayana Salon had agreed to send her staff to teach them beauty tips and have a hair day, they were so excited and happy at the suggestion.

Last Thursday afternoon they were awaiting the visitors’ arrival when three ladies and a guy arrived at the orphanage. Shamali the team leader first spoke to the girls about managing their daily chores, living in unity and the importance of cleanliness. Most of the girls wanted their hair straightened and she informed them that they were too young and they would damage their hair if attempted.

After the advise all the girls who wanted their eye brows shaped got the ladies to do it for them and thereafter the girls who wanted their hair cut short, and trimmed got theirs done. They were so happy and excited.

They got so attached to Shamali and her team that they wanted them to visit them more often to have their hair trimmed. The team happily promised to assist them anytime they wanted. After all the hard work that was done during the past couple of months, The Emerge team was so glad that we could start implementing our curriculum eventually.

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