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The Ma Sevana girls get their vitamin fix

On her recent visit to the US Ellen, my youthful and vivacious Boss, created an impact with the students of Harrison High School in West Lafayette, Indiana when she shared the stories of the girls at Ma Sevana. The students of Mrs. Coors Fashion and Textile Class, excited about the work we do at Emerge, wanted to send back gifts for the girls in Sri Lanka. When Ellen and I had our usual Skype chats which we had planned prior to her departure she asked me what would be the most appropriate gifts that could be given to the girls and I named a few. One of the suggestions I had made was to give them some vitamins which they need frequently due to the infections they catch so easily.

When Ellen came to Sri Lanka she brought donations of bags which the students of the Fashion and Textile Class made themselves along with hair brushes and toiletries sponsored by Wal-Mart and the girls were overjoyed to receive these gifts. Donations collected in cash to buy vitamins by the High School girls were purchased personally by me. Since the girls and their kids at Ma Sevana love the taste of vitamin C and Cod Liver Oil, we came up with this bright idea that we would make it a habit to give them their favorite vitamins every week prior to commencing their beading class. When we went down to the orphanage on Monday last they all came in line and wanted their peththa (tablet). It was a fun experience to give out the vitamins and fish oil capsules and it was also rewarding because not only did it make for a lively class that day but we were assured that they would stay healthier in the long term.

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