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The Panadura girls go green…..

It was Earth Day on the 22nd of April. Jenny was in DC for an interview, so I was in charge of programs that week.

After group discussions about Earth Day, recycling, and sustainable lifestyles, the girls in both homes exchanged letters about their Earth Day project ideas. The Panadura girls decided to do a vegetable plot. First, they did the weeding and made beds in different shapes (heart, round, square, pear, moon and star shapes. SR (our Program Consultant) and I bought seeds for ladies fingers, green chilies, tomatoes and eggplant. Some of the vegetable seeds had to be soaked in water before planting, but the girls were able to sow the tomato seeds that morning.

All the girls were so keen and excited. They worked in two groups. They really enjoyed a fun and educational Earth Day. Additionally, the girls at the Panadura home will benefit from the extra fresh vegetables for months to come!

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