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The seniors are leaving

During the last couple of weeks most of the girls who were the initial Bead programme participants have rejoined their parents or loved ones. Whilst it’s a happy occasion I can’t help but feel a twinge of sadness as they leave. They take with them our shared history as I know am an active part of their ups and downs.

Most of them have turned 18 and some of them, their court cases have ended. MA who has been in the programme has a special place in my heart; she has been consistent in her work right through out her stay at the home, I admire her for that. She used to purchase her products week after week from the store for the amount allocated to her and she used to turn in her products every week, and the quality of the product was perfect almost every week. She was so happy when I used to tick off every criteria of the quality control sheet and add stars on her goal sheet. Her consistency and bubbly personality was admired by us all. NA is another participant who will leave the home soon and so will RSH, these two girls along with RS have been outstanding in their performance and very supportive in any events or programs I have organized for them, I am going to miss them very much when they leave, but on the other hand when they go back to their family it would make me happy, that they left the programme giving them a chance to support their children and be self-reliant.

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