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We are delighted to announce our new Country Manager, Mrs. Hazel Rajiah-Tettah.

Hazel began her time at Emerge as a volunteer at the Emerge Center for Reintegration, using performing arts as a means of expression, hope, and joy.

Hazel is an international trainer and experienced coach who specialises in communications, people management and personal development. Prior to joining Emerge Lanka Foundation as its Country Manager, she worked with MDF for 6 years and delivered Leadership and People Management courses for MDF clients throughout the region, including Afghanistan.  

Hazel has a passion for working with community-based organisations for development and advocacy, with special interest in collecting stories and conducting storytelling sessions for change and awareness. She also uses drama as a tool for healing, awareness, and advocacy. In 2015, she received Training of Trainers training in Adult-Learning methodologies in the Netherlands. She is also a trainer in personal development, presentation, public speaking skills and customer service and a consultant in Organisational Development.

She can be reached at Please join us in welcoming Hazel!

Hazel with Emerge founder, Alia

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