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You + Emerge: A Growing Force that is Changing Sri Lanka

“Every Monday, we were waiting for Emerge with a heart full of happiness….This money I earned from Emerge has contributed to building my house. This money will be reimbursed to me as my family is involved in a housing project spearheaded by the Government. When I get my money back I hope to re-save it for the future of my family.” -Melani,* former Emerge participant During this season of giving, we hope you will think of Emerge Global- one dollar goes so far for our small, but growing organization. Our volunteer-run nature allows us to devote as much of our financial support to each and every girl in our Bead Program as we can. As we look towards expanding our programming into a new home in Sri Lanka this January, further developing our Bead Program curriculum to include new and important topics such as reproductive health, we at Emerge are hopeful that we can look to you, our friends and family, for continued support.

An investment in Emerge goes far:

$1 invested in materials helps participants generate more than $3.80 of savings. Our girls are so proud of this savings that they themselves have generated. They use it to embark on new lives–building their first homes, starting their first businesses, buying their first work clothes, caring for their children, and financing future education. This is a reality you have helped to build, and for that we are so grateful. Beyond this financial support, our program supports these courageous girls in awakening their creative spirit, rebuilding their confidence, developing their leadership, and preparing them for healthy, self-sufficient futures. This value added cannot be measured, but is irreplaceable.

Regardless of your financial means, donations to Emerge of any size are meaningful. Here are just a few ways a donation to Emerge can help our girls:

$10 can provide two girls with our “Beads-to-Business” workbook, which guides them through the process of planning their own businesses, ultimately unrelated to jewelry.

$20 can provide the girls with an inspirational outside life skills speaker to teach them about money management, maintaining healthy relationships, job searching, or other critical skills.

$60 can support a former participant in serving as a Peer Educator for 8 workshops, where she can provide additional support to our current participants and relay her own personal journey of transitioning from the home.

$250 can sponsor a girl for the year, providing the approximate cost of running the program for one participant, as well as a birthday and holiday gift. We still have many girls without sponsors. You can download a sponsorship form here.

$500 can pay for a month’s supply of beading materials for a home of 20 girls, helping to generate $1900 in savings.

$1000 can sponsor our annual reunion, enabling former participants to stay connected with one another and the Emerge team, understand the resources that Emerge can offer as they grow in their adult lives, provide insight and feedback on how our work can be improved, and develop new skills.

In these difficult financial times, we are so grateful for your continued support. We hope you’ll consider providing a gift within your means here or by mailing a check to “Emerge Global” to: PO Box 390897, Cambridge, MA 02139. With your support, we are able to transform shelters into entrepreneurship hubs, groups of individuals into communities, and painful pasts into promising futures. Thank you.

Wishing you the happiest of holidays! All of us at the Emerge

*We have changed Melani’s name to protect her confidentiality

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