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Programme Impact

Girls have gone through our programs to date

Programme Impact

To date, Emerge has worked with 1,172 girls from across Sri Lanka. Every Rs. 100 invested into a girl’s materials helps her generate more than Rs. 380 in savings. Some girls have made more than Rs. 190,000 (~$1500) within a year of participating in Emerge’s programmes. They have used this money to finance businesses, finance additional education, take care of children, pay for medical support, and even build homes (check out one of our alumna’s homes below, that she built with her savings!).

The Centre for Reintegration has worked with a total of 74 participants over the past 4 years, and has given life to 64 employment opportunities by 2020, with approximately 90% of each batch placed within secure employment. In 2019, 90% of participants were confident in using public transportation, socialising with peers, and managing their own money, while 80% knew how to protect themselves from abuse. During the fiscal year of 2019/20 the Centre catered to 34 participants, giving rise to 30 employment opportunities, capturing an 88% placement rate.

Much of our impact is harder to measure but is just as important: Girls who entered our programmes too broken to speak are now comfortable sharing their ideas; Participants have expressed increased confidence and self-worth; Through their Community Fund, participants have collectively identified communal challenges and worked together to change them; and, participants have shared their knowledge with community members after leaving Emerge programmes.

Emerge has worked to develop an outcome mapping matrix for both the Shelter and Centre programs, in order to record and measure the impact of our programs in more detail. This new leap will provide insight as to how our programs should cater to the communities we work with to attain the best possible outcome. Below attached are some of the main outcome mapping areas Emerge has implemented. 

Shelter Beads-to-Business Outcome Mapping Matrix


Shelter Life Skills Outcome Mapping Matrix


Shelter Reproductive Health Outcome Mapping Matrix


Centre Life Skills Outcome Mapping Matrix


Centre Self-Defence Outcome Mapping Matrix


Centre Knowledge Development Outcome Mapping Matrix

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