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Every Child 

Though this online campaign, we hope to equip a wide audience with the knowledge and tools to understand what Child Sexual Abuse is, how to identify it and how to report it.


There has been a surge of horrific acts of Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA) being reported in Sri Lanka and the lockdowns and stay home have contributed to the increase in violence and abuse
that is taking place behind closed doors. 

We strongly feel that it is important to raise our voices and create a community driven campaign against Child Sexual Abuse, as we believe community involvement is key in ensuring that these
heinous acts are brought to light, perpetrators held accountable and a sense of zero tolerance toward abuse becomes a communal thinking pattern.

Campaign Goals

The main goal of the first campaign is: “Learning about Child Sexual Abuse in order to foster an informed decision towards Zero Tolerance”


  • Creating an awareness and understanding in the community about CSA (Impact of CSA (mental health, development , future))

  • Creating an action pledge video chain where people pledge to #ProtectEveryChild share and tag as many of their contacts as possible

  • Creating a movement online, where people are engaged in sharing information and speaking up and against Child Sexual Abuse (videos, speaking out, sharing pledge)

  • Follow up the movement efficiently and regularly so people stay engaged and interested and have visible ways to contribute

Take the pledge and save a life

*How can YOU join our journey to make a difference?* 


1. Post a video with the powerful pledge to “be alert, speak up, and always *Protect Every Child*" 





Post a picture of yourself with a “#ProtectEveryChild” sign, and show your solidarity to the cause. 


.... don't forget to tag a minimum of 5 of your social media friends on one of the following platforms to raise awareness standing up for children against childhood sexual abuse. Include the hashtags #ProtectEveryChild and #EmergeStrong - and tag Emerge!



By doing this - you contribute to creating awareness AND also immediately become a part of the final campaign video alongside all our amazing brand ambassadors and cause champions! 


Here's how you can tag Emerge and where: 


**on FB by sharing the post and tagging our page @emergeglobal 


**IG stories or on the IG feed tagging us @emergeglobal 


**Retweet on Twitter @emergeglobal 


** Do a TikTok and post the same video tagging us @emergelanka 


**Share on your professional network on LinkedIn and tag us on @emergelanka 


**Feel free to do your own creative to contribute on YouTube and share it around the world! 


We have a collective responsibility to Protect Every Child in Sri Lanka - let's spread this message together.