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Resources for Parents 

Prevention of child abuse

Prevention of childhood sexual abuse is the responsibility of every member of our community. It is a community concern.

We must start child protection in our homes, and ensure that children have the best support system, in a safe and nurturing environment. Let's learn how you can support your child, if they disclose their trauma or abuse.

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2. Teaching children boundaries , giving them appropriate knowledge on sex and their bodies. 

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Here's what you can do to prevent child abuse;


  1. Identifying the Grooming Process 


Grooming is a word used to describe how people who want to sexually harm children and young people get close to them, and often their families, and gain their trust. They do this in all kinds of places - in the home or local neighborhood and also the child's school .   If we do see certain people getting too close, forming quick relationships, and trying to spend time alone, these may be the first signs of grooming the child. 


Looking for the approachable child  


Abusers tend to look for children who they can easily manipulate, they will identify children with extra emotional needs, therefore it's important to be aware and provide the safety and protection the child needs. 


Forming a relationship with the child : During this step, the abuser tries to get closer to the child by offering gifts, trying to play and frequently spend time with the child. 


Touching the child and breaking their resistance to touch : First the abuser will give friendly hugs, touch the child in a nonsexual way, and slowly proceed to sexual touch. The children are often confused when the touch becomes sexual, however the abuser will tell them it's okay. 


Looks for ways to meet the child aloneAbusers will find all means and excuses to stay alone with the child and spend time with them


Making the child feel responsible and making them keep a secretAfter the abuse starts, the child will be made responsible for what is happening and will make sure the child does not say anything to anyone. 



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