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Resilient Independent Strong Entrepreneurs


R.I.S.E; or Resilient Independent Strong Entrepreneurs, is set to be a social enterprise that branches from Emerge as a profit generating entity, and will allow the inflow of necessary monetary funds for Emerge to sustain practices as a looped cycle of employment and profit generation. RISE targets to employ young women, who graduate from the Emerge shelter programs and the Emerge Reintegration Centre programs, individuals who have gone through any form of abuse and are directed by partner organizations, and also in the long-term, women who are faced with poverty and want to regain financial independence.  

The project aims to build a women entrepreneurial hub for different streams of cottage industries, where production will occur within a wide range of goods such as: 

  • Jewellery Production

  • Fabric Painting: T-shirts, Pillow Shifts, Paintings etc.

  • Handicrafts: Handmade cards, Gift Boxes etc.

  • Simple Tailoring: Knitting, Sewing Designs onto ready-made material etc.

  • Handmade Slippers

  • Scented Candles

  • Manufacturing of Handbags

  • Manufacturing of ornaments and accessories

  • Notebook Making


RISE aims to work with a selected number of designers to create a production line that will cater to their needs and generate a platform of income that will constitute as an economic stability for the female population of Sri Lanka, that strongly requires a closure from abuse. It is an investment that will give an overall benefit to the employees, from securing a job, to learning techniques for different cottage industries, and eventually starting their own MSME (micro, small, medium enterprises). This will mean a self-owned enterprise where women lead, inform decision making, and raise gender equality through employment, and initiative development. In future, it is aimed for the Resource Centre to accommodate child-care facilities with teachers to ensure that children of the women working in the Center will have a place to safely care for their children. 

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