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Stories of Emerge

Your Emerge Lanka Foundation Resource Centre

2019 Chess.jpg

Emerge Centre Batch 4 Participant,

Age 19

“In English, I have learned so many things! Letters, nouns, pronouns, verbs. This English will be helpful for me in my life. Before I came here, I knew less than I know now. This is a certain thing. I want to take spoken English classes after graduation to keep on improving.”


Emerge Centre Batch 4 Participant, Age 19

“My favourite time at the Emerge Centre was the self-defence course. The training has helped me feel better about myself. When I first started, I did not know how to protect myself. Before the self-defense course I felt scared of going into society, I felt afraid when people looked at me. Now, I feel confident that I could protect myself from harm. Later on, I hope this is something that I could use to teach other people. I want to teach to be able to help children defend themselves, so they don’t
have to go through difficult situations.”

2018 Center.jpg

Emerge Centre Batch 06, Age 19

“Prior to coming to the Emerge Centre I lived with many challenges….. I was always frightened, felt sad and cried, I couldn’t sleep well at night, felt scared to travel alone, had a bad temper and always quarreled with other children, and was lazy. After taking part in the counselling sessions at Emerge, I know how to work with people as a team. Now I’m happy!”

IMG_3587 copy.jpg

Emerge Centre Batch 02 Participant

“My dream is to be an architect. I am a good artist, and want to use this skill with what I learn at school to be an architect. Thank you for giving me the chance to continue my education.”


Emerge Centre Batch 06 Participant

“I had so many problems, and I didn’t know what to do about these. I spent many days thinking about these - I didn’t know how to do a job, how to behave in society etc. After joining the counselling program at Emerge, we were taught about social interactions, family planning, and also managing our problems. Now that I know these, I am happier and moving forward I want to continue going to counselling/therapy programs.”

2015 Life skills(2).JPG

Emerge Centre Batch 04 Participant

“Counseling was my favourite part of the program. I have never been able to talk to a counselor before. When I feel sad, or am having bad thoughts, I can talk to the counselor. After talking I feel like I can be present again, I feel release.”

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