Support Our Alumnae, Who Recently Suffered Serious Burns

Past Participant Support – Urgent Appeal

In a time of hardship, Emerge Lanka Foundation turns to its biggest resource and strength; you.

We have received news regarding one of our alumnae, SAMD who had been in a sudden domestic gas explosion accident at her residence a few months ago.

SAMD was one of our initial participants from one of the Shelters we work with. She was always a creative and positive minded young girl, who used her creative talents to busy herself. After she left the Shelter, Emerge was able to support her find a job at the Nayana Salons, where she worked for a short period of time. With time, she gave us happy news about her marriage, followed with news of her giving birth to a beautiful baby boy, who is now 10 months old. She has been a close link to some of our staff at Emerge throughout the years, and never failed to keep in touch.

SAMD is currently suffering from multiple burn injuries due to the accident, and is incapable of working as a result of it. Her primary caregiver is her husband, who is also finding it difficult to employ himself on a daily basis due to this issue. One of the most heart aching aspects that keeps tugging at our hearts, is that she cannot even breast-feed her baby due to the burns she experienced. Financial difficulties within her family, means that they are further helpless at the hands of their misery. She has not been able to continue her therapy post event, due to these financial challenges, and we hope to assist her in any way possible to make ends meet. SAMD cannot go about her daily routines as she used to; carrying her baby, playing with him, feeding him and even doing simple household chores has become a difficulty. Now, completing even the simplest of tasks takes her so much effort and time. She is struggling to cope with the changes that have come to pass, but she is courageously fighting to live for her baby. 

Talking to her now; she is still positive and strong - but her cry for help is one that cannot be ignored. It is constantly echoing in our hearts, and it is with so much of hope and gratitude that we turn to you at this moment.

You can donate to support SAMD and her family in this time of need;

Account Name: Emerge Lanka Foundation

Account Number: 84 800 56 533

Bank: Commercial Bank PLC

Branch: Union Place – Colombo 02

You will be sent monthly updates about SAMD’s progression. Thank you for your consideration of offering life changing support. Below is SAMD’s Care Plan.


Family: Monthly Food Rations

Husband: Financial Support of LKR 5000

Infant: Diapers, formula and essentials

Medical Costs: Medical Care and Transport Costs for medical care

Other: Rent & Electricity


Health: Reconstructive surgery

Other: Rent & Electricity