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Emerge is filled with dedicated volunteers who are a core part of our team. Our volunteer opportunities range from event organizing support, admin support, awareness raising, workshop assistance etc. Joining Emerge means joining a family of strong and empowering women. While you will have the opportunity to fight for a most difficult but strong cause, you will also gain a lot of experience, insight, and fun while working with us.

We encourage volunteers to join Emerge and support our cause. The more people involved in this fight for justice, the sooner we can reach our goal of providing a better life for our future generations. Volunteers are encouraged to invest a fixed number of hours if you are looking for long-term exposure in the field. Some of the ways you can volunteer your time and skills with Emerge are to:

● Promote awareness
● Campaign and advocate
● Promote/Sell Emerge jewellery
● Joining sales and fundraising events and promoting the cause
● Edit/develop curricula for programmes

● Conduct guest speaking sessions at the Centre
● Become a mentor to girls within shelters and in the Centre
● Have an interactive/fun day with the girls
● Celebrate festivities with the girls at Emerge


If you are interested in volunteering, but not close to us we would love to have your skills and expertise through:

● Promoting awareness to the cause
● Campaigning and advocating through online platforms or platforms within your Country
● Content development for upcoming events coordinated by Emerge
● Conduct online interviews and panel discussions to promote awareness
● Share or boost posts done by Emerge through online platforms
● Encourage people within your area to sponsor or donate our girls


Please visit our page on “Volunteer Life” to learn about the experiences some of our volunteers have
had with Emerge.

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