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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Emerge Global and Emerge Lanka Foundation?

Emerge Global is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the United States, while Emerge Lanka Foundation is an established charitable organization in Sri Lanka. The two are closely related: Emerge Global serves as the main overseeing and visioning body, laying the foundation of its work abroad and supporting fundraising and sales for all Emerge programs. Emerge Lanka Foundation acts as the implementing partner of Emerge Global in Sri Lanka. Over time, Emerge Lanka Foundation has become increasingly financially independent of Emerge Global, both in terms of fundraising and sales. Our goal is that Emerge Lanka Foundation becomes completely sustainable from Sri Lanka.

Who are the girls of Emerge?

Emerge works with Sri Lankan girls, ages 10-18, who have survived sexual abuse, or who have been deemed highly at-risk to sexual abuse by the Sri Lankan government. All girls participating in Emerge programs are in the midst of court cases and have been separated from society. Emerge identifies program participants through existing shelters that serve the same population. All girls in the shelter are allowed to take part in Emerge programs.

Can the girls leave the home they live in?

Most of the girls Emerge works with are testifying in confidential court cases, sometimes against their own family members. Therefore, it is often not safe for girls to leave the homes in which they live until such trials are over. Sometimes girls are transferred to another home in Sri Lanka, or are placed back at home with a family member if the situation is safe. The decision of when or where the girls leave the home in which they currently live is made by the staff at the home, our partner organizations, and the Sri Lanka Department of Probation and Childcare Services and the courts.

Does Emerge work with the Government of Sri Lanka?

Yes. Emerge has maintained a great working relationship with the Department of Probation and Child Care Services since our inception in 2008. The Department grants Emerge permission to partner, enter and facilitate our curriculum is state run (fully / partially) shelters. They have been a great stakeholder over the years and are extremely supportive of our work and vision.

Is Emerge a registered NGO?

Emerge Lanka Foundation has successfully submitted an application for NGO registration and is in the process of getting it approved.

Do you intend to put the "global" into Emerge Global?

Yes! Glad you asked. We aim to bring our model to other countries around the world. Interested in bringing Emerge programs to work with girls you know/serve?


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