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Shelter Programmes

Knowledge, skills and confidence for survivors under 18 years old residing in state-run shelters (now via Zoom)

Making a Difference through trauma-sensitive programmes

Life Skills

The Life Skills program is built to educate the girls on important topics that help navigate everyday life. The curriculum includes vetted outside speakers, demonstrative activities, and journal entries. Below are some of the main areas of the curriculum.

  • Successfully reintegrating into society as a capable, resourceful individual by understanding the concept of Community.

  • Achieving a healthy and balanced mindset in order to maintain a wholesome, well-rounded lifestyle.

  • Achieving safe, ethical, stable and efficient financial independence through learning Money and Banking.

  • Development of a growth oriented-mindset.

  • Demonstrating appropriate, healthy, informed choices.

Reproductive Health

The Reproductive Health program focuses on the Sexual and Reproductive rights of individuals, that spans across healthy relationships. A breakdown is shown below:

  • Decisions around reproduction and sexual initiation will be equipped with the knowledge of their personal and intrapersonal values as well as mutual respect.

  • Understanding and being able to transfer the knowledge of the physical and emotional changes during the process of puberty.

  • Have informed confidence in understanding the differences between male and female reproductive systems physically and otherwise.

Group Therapy and Mental Health

Most often the physical scars may heal but the mental scars remain and tend to affect these girls throughout their lives. While it is near impossible to completely remove the effects of their trauma, Emerge strives to give these girls the coping mechanisms they require to identify their triggers and manage them. Participants will be able to learn skills that include;

  • Emotion Regulation skills

  • Managing emotional responses

  • Mindfulness

  • Distress Tolerance skills (based on Dialectical Behaviour Therapy)

  • Crisis survival skills

Mentorship and Beads-to-Business are currently on hold.

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