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Judy Florio

Past Centre Program Officer

"The Emerge Centre has given me purpose and reason over the past year in Sri Lanka. The courage shown by each young woman who walks through the doors is nothing short of astounding. “I can’t” quickly turns into, “I will try” and then, “I can.” It has been an eye-opening year working at the Centre. I am forever changed by the work and am proud to be a part of a program that creates access to a population who could not be more deserving."

Achini Wijesinghe

Past Reintegration Lead

"We work with girls who have been abused, have had the courage to speak out, and create safer environments for their families. We are very excited about our partnership with Alana Athletica. Our girls have the opportunity to be employed and take control of their own lives."

Uadaya Sivakumar

Chief Operations Officer

“Emerge is Empowering, Motivating, Encouraging, Resettling, Guiding, and Elevating teenage survivors of sexual abuse.”

Nirukshi De Lanerolle

Senior Program Officer Beads-to-Business

“Working with Emerge over a decade has been the most rewarding experience of my life! I have had the opportunity, along with the rest of the Emerge team, to implement a well thought out program which has empowered girls at a young age and helped them turn their lives around! For me as a woman there is no greater blessing than being a strength to the women we serve!”

Suzanne Paiva

Program Officer

“Emerge is where a girl is given a second chance in life without labels, teaching her to stand up for herself, and face the world with confidence.”

Shakila Abeysekera


“Thank you Emerge for making invisible girls visible, with their own spirit and smile!!”

Uwasara Arambewale Weerakoon

Clinical Psychologist

"Emerge is where love, compassion, hope, connection and acceptance lay the foundation for the transformation of courageous young girls"

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