What we do

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The Emerge Lanka Foundation works in three strategic areas: 

  •  Intervention: Trauma sensitive programming geared towards reintegration to support survivors of sexual and gender-based violence to become strong independent women who can create change in their own communities.

  • Entrepreneurship: Empowerment and financial stability for girl survivors of sexual and gender-based violence to develop self-sufficient and sustainable means of income to build a stable future. 

  • Policy Advocacy: Protection and justice for the girl child who has suffered atrocities and is most often ostracised by her community and society at large. Emerge places significant importance on mental health and emotional stability. Emerge strives to create a balance between empathy, emotional connect and objective focus to ensure the girls are ready to reintegrate into society in a positive way.


Over the past 12 years, Emerge has worked with 1,172 courageous girls who have survived abuse, healed and successfully transitioned into adulthood outside of institutionalized care. Emerge believes that every one of these girls deserves a fair chance at rebuilding their lives. Both programming designed for under 18-year-old participants (Government run shelters) and above 18-year-old participants (residential Centre run by Emerge) is targeted at ensuring that young girls are able to reintegrate back into society successful and well-equipped for independence.