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The Emerge Model

Our unique approach to trauma-sensitive programming


  1. Investing in Strong Girls

At Emerge, we invest in strong girls. These young women are destined to fight for a better future. Emerge works with girls who have survived abuse, often in their own families, and have had the courage to speak out, to work to protect their younger sisters, and to create a safe reality for their own children.


What if these courageous and resilient young women had the skills, resources and networks to enact their own visions of change? 

At Emerge, we believe this is the best investment we can make.

2. Developing "Collaborative Capital"

Emerge operates with a philosophy that we call Collaborative Capital Creation, which lies between traditional non-profit models of service delivery and micro-finance. Rather than receiving a hand-out or a loan, girls participate in the process of generating their own financial capital while also learning how to leverage this capital.This means that girls have ownership in the process but do not have to take on the risk of repayment, which is challenging for individuals with few support systems. Through our programs, girls not only generate capital but also increase their business acumen, leadership, and confidence. They build a network of support and mentors, and prepare for their lives as adults with in-depth knowledge of reproductive health,  job readiness, and money management. 

Finally, they gain critical skills to map-out, and enact their visions of change for their communities.

3. Long-Term Impact through Implementing Partners

Emerge believes that for its impact to be sustainable long-term, programs and support systems offered to participants must be run, supported, and evaluated by local individuals who understand the culture and needs, on the ground. As such, Emerge Global has adopted a model of working with local partners to implement Emerge curricula. The first of such partners is Emerge Lanka Foundation, our sister entity in Sri Lanka. Emerge aims to partner with other organisations on the ground to increase the impact of its work.

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