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2010 Emerge Reunion

Some interesting facts about our alumnae:

  • 1/3 of reunion participants have returned to the classroom to study

  • 100% of reunion participants still use the bank account opened in their name during the program

  • 2/3 of reunion participants told Emerge staff that they are saving their money to build a home for their family. 1/3 are saving for their child’s future or saving money to start a small business in the future.

  • 1/3 of reunion participants still have 100% of the money saved from their jewelry sales. Another 1/3 have more than half of the money saved. The final 1/3 have just a little left. Some of the things the young women have spent their money on include building a house, paying for medical bills, loaning money to family in an emergency, providing for their child and husband, and paying for housing.

  • 100% of reunion participants reported that they learned something new about themselves during the reunion.

  • When asked how much they enjoyed the reunion, 100% past participants selected the highest rating.

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