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Partner spotlight - CFLI

This month we want to celebrate and give thanks to one of our largest donors of the past year, The Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) by The Canadian Embassy in Sri Lanka.

CFLI first met Team Emerge back in 2021, where they got their initial glance into the work we do to support survivors of trauma including childhood sexual abuse. CFLI understood the challenges that we as an organization were navigating amidst the pandemic and economic crisis, and met us on this journey with a shared vision, empathy and drive to support our girls.

Our collaboration with CFLI has always stood on open, honest and productive conversations. We truly appreciate how the entire CFLI team immersed themselves in understanding Emerge, our work, our mechanisms and our cause. They understood why adapting our in-person shelter workshops to the digital space was necessary during the pandemic time, and shared our consensus on the need for reaching more survivors to join the programme. Our mandate and work plan aligned with CFLI’s vision to empower young, vulnerable individuals. With this, CFLI allocated their funding and faith to Emerge and supported the reintegration-based education process of programme participants with a curriculum that focuses on skills, value-based education and mental health.

We are truly grateful to CFLI for selecting Emerge Lanka Foundation as a recipient of their fund for 2022/2023. This funding allowed us to directly support 314 programme participants through our online programmes and conduct sensitization workshops for 119 Probation Officers and Shelter Caregivers in the Uva Province.

"Because of CFLI, more children in state-run care have access to transformational knowledge and skills as they navigate their reintegration journey." - ELF Programmes Team

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