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Have you met the Emerge Brand Ambassadors?

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Russel Arnold

From representing the National Cricket Team of Sri Lanka, to becoming an eloquent International Cricket Commentator, Russel brings in an aura of professionalism and positivity to represent our mission. His positive, upbeat and passionate attitude transcends from the commentary box into his life of representing the Emerge cause. Russel is inspired by the resilience and strength of our programme participants, and has been very keen to learn more about child protection in Sri Lanka. His focus will be on raising awareness through his platforms and networks, and creating a community to give towards Emerge. Russel is a great advocate for our resilient survivors, and holds great importance in their confidence and strong mental health as essential elements in the process of reintegrating into society as adults.

Bhoomi Harendran

Best known for her activism in achieving equality and accessibility for the local transgender community through the National Transgender Network, Bhoomi is fearless in her work and is a champion of empowerment. Bhoomi believes that our survivors deserve dignity and respect, and that independence is key to achieving a wholesome life, where they can live authentically. She looks forward to working closely with our Centre Participants; and puts an emphasis on "empowering" them to be the best versions of themselves. Bhoomi is a fountain of knowledge, and it adds an edge, a confidence and wisdom to our journey.

Indu and San

A renowned playwright and dramatist who has written over 60 plays, Indu and his extremely talented wife San join the Emerge journey as Brand Ambassadors as of July 2021! Indu and San together use the magic of theatre to bring forward interesting topics and create awareness through humor and thought-provoking art. Their collective ability to bring the best out of people creatively will help the programme participants at the Emerge Centre for Reintegration unlock new skills and talent. They see theatre as a medium that will help our participants express themselves and enhance their confidence and become unstoppable in their authentic selves. Indu and San believe that each of our programme participants should have the space to express themselves, and learn of their own potential through that expression.

Chamari Athapaththu

Chamari is the Captain of the Sri Lanka Women's Cricket Team. Her philosophy of leading the team to play "freely, positively and with courage" has propelled the national team to be formidable. Chamari has been on several international tours in the past year, and has been taking women’s cricketing to the next level with her talent and drive. She is an incredible inspiration to the young girls Emerge works to support – and is a firm believer that every programme participant we work with, has immeasurable strength and potential. As someone who has overcome many obstacles in her sporting life; Chamari understands and advocates for transformational impact that Emerge sets out to create. Chamari is a representation of hard work and shines as she breaks through barriers and glass ceilings to navigate her journey as an international sports personality.

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