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A Call From Kandy

By: Iroshini Kalpage Program Development Officer Emerge Lanka Foundation

She is “Rakhi,” one of our past participants. She called me from Kandy. (Kandy is a one of the beautiful cites of Sri Lanka.) She tells me how different society is from the shelter. She said, “when we were taught about society, it was like a dream. But, now I can understand it very well.” She was about to go for a job; she felt that she should build her confidence before the interview.

During the mock interview lesson when she was in the shelter, I remember that she said how easy it was to go for an interview. At that time I said, “No! When you are about to go for an interview everybody will be little excited. But, if you prepare before with your confidence, you will be able to face it.” She can remember everything. She is telling me the lessons we taught, and everything was becoming a reality.

Her brother has seen her Beads-to-Business book and Life Skills notebook. He was wondering how she could make jewelry and about the topics she learnt. She happily answered all the questions and explained how to start a business. She lives with her brother, sister-in-law, nephew, and her aunt. Everyone in the house respects her as a talented girl.

She wanted to make another 10 necklaces and said that if her brother comes to Colombo she will send him to collect the supplies. When she was in the shelter, she was a very talkative girl.

I was very happy to hear her voice again. She was in the shelter for 1½ years, and is happy that she went home again. Also, she took her talent and knowledge with her to show the world that she is not the same person she was before. When I feel her courage, I think I am the luckiest person in the world!

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