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Beth Shepherd, Photographer, Launches Card Collection to Benefit Emerge

In Spring 2007, Beth Shepherd read about Emerge online. The next thing she knew, Beth made her way to Sri Lanka as a volunteer.

While volunteering in Sri Lanka, Beth visited an Emerge jewelry workshop. She is now launching her new collection of cards to benefit Emerge, entitling it “The Colour of Hope.” Her website describes her experience with Emerge: On her flyer promoting the cards, she describes Emerge as demonstrating the “true meaning of hope”: “The Gift of Hope This card collection has been inspired by the colours of Sri Lanka during a recent trip there, and symbolizes the feminine colours of life, joy and hope. I have therefore linked these cards with ‘Emerge’, a charity I worked with whilst I was there, which has shown me the true meaning of hope, and that it is possible for any of us to achieve things far greater than we have imagined.

Emerge, is small, non profit, charity project set up by Alia Whitney-Johnson, and works directly with young teenage mothers who have been survivors of rape and incest. Emerge has spent the last few years working with these young girls creating a safe and supportive community for them to live in, and offering them the gift of hope by teaching them art jewellery making. The Jewellery is then sold on behalf of the girls with all profits going directly to each girl individually. Emerge has turned these young girls lives around and has helped them to create financial security and independence, as well as building their sense of self worth and self reliance, offering them hope for their future.

Emerge is currently raising the money needed to expand the community the girls live in to give them a better quality of life and more freedom. 10% from the sales my cards will go directly to Emerge.”

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