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Emerge Necklace Spotted in Colombo

Last weekend some friends and I went to play pool at the Cinnamon Grand and as I was walking through the bar I spotted a woman wearing an Emerge necklace! I love our current Emerge long necklace design because it’s so distinctive that I can pick it out of a crowd, and I did a double-take through the smoky room to scope out what looked like a 4o-year old Belgium woman with one of our signature green chains on.

You can imagine how excited I got because of this! There are only two ways to get Emerge jewelry in Colombo: either you buy it from April or I at the Emerge Headquarters (aka our apartment) or you buy it from Gandhara. And since I didn’t know the woman at the bar, she must have bought it from the store. This is the first time I’ve seen someone wearing Emerge jewelry in Colombo that I hadn’t personally sold to them, and it made me ecstatic because it means that Emerge is spreading in Sri Lanka through channels that I’m not directly responsible for. And that’s an exciting thought.

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