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Emerge Staff’s Vision for Girls

Uadaya Sivakiumar

Financial Officer

Emerge Lanka

Last month, we (the Emerge team) had our annual program meeting with Emerge’s founder. During the meeting, we wanted to discuss staff’s vision for our girls. Our entire team discussed so many wishes, dreams, and concerns for our girls! I would like to share some of them with you in my blog post this month:

• Achieve higher education for the girls, so they can become doctors, lawyers, etc.;

• Build the girls’ self confidence more, so they can move on to lead a successful life;

• Improve the girls’ strength, so they can guide and support other survivors;

• Enhance the girls’ mental stability, so they can become independent;

• For the girls to run their own business with the money they earned from the B2B program;

• For the girls to do effective planning regarding their savings and to build financial stability for their future.

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