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Excitement in West Lafayette

I’m from West Lafayette, Indiana, and have returned back home for the month of May to do outreach, sales, and fundraising events for Emerge Global in my hometown. So far, things have been going amazingly well! The following events have already taken place:

Thursday Helen Magazine event: $911 in jewelry sold, $2 in donations (photo of Sharon and Susan of Helen Magazine and myself)

Friday sale at West Side Jr/Sr High School: $777 in jewelry sold (and check out all that Emerge jewelry on my high school basketball coach Jane Schott and I below) and the following events coming up:

Sunday sale at West Lafayette UU Church Wednesday sale at Harrison High School

In addition, at the Helen Magazine event on Thursday I met a wonderful woman named Kier who is trying to help facilitate two more events – one at a Rotary Club, and another at an event called “Mosey Down Main Street” which takes place today! I’m beginning to worry that I didn’t bring enough jewelry back to West Lafayette. What a good problem to have!

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