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It Gave Me Great Joy…

By: Udani Emerge Office Assistant

There are two participants who are in the shelter in Ranmuthugala that need special attention. They have undergone emotional trauma and they need a lot of love and caring. Though they have been in the program for sometime, and they need to be guided when they make their pieces of jewelry.

With my guidance, they choose their colours and how to mix and match colours to produce their piece of jewelry. They need almost 2 full days to make 1 piece of jewelry, while the other girls in the program take about an hour or two to make their piece of jewelry.

I was quite surprised that very recently, one of them had purchased beads from the shop (run by the girls in the shelter), mixed and matched her colours and produced her necklace all by herself during a very short period of time.

I was amazed how she had improved and how much making her own piece of Emerge jewelry had taken control of her thoughts. I am so grateful to Emerge for giving a chance to these girls to create their own jewelry and that they are able to control heir thoughts and mind in the process.

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