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MIT Women Reach Out to Emerge Participants Through Letters, Birthday Gifts, and Bundles of Love

MIT’s Women’s Independent Living Group (WILG) has added a new dimension to Emerge: young women helping other young women. Nearly half of the 45 members of the women’s living group signed up to provide a girl at Ma-Sevana with a birthday shopping trip, a personalized card, and a small gift. In honor of her birthday, each girl will now get to go shopping and pick out a present of her choice, the first time many of the girls have been shopping in years. Additionally, WILG sent a package to Ma-Sevana filled with hand-written cards, photographs, pouches of nail polish, and a letter describing WILG: a house of young women, cooking together, learning together, and living together happily. The girls of Ma-Sevana wrote thank you cards to their sponsors as part of their English class.

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