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My Experiences in Life…

By: Sithara Pathirana

Emerge Lanka Foundation

Programs Assistant

There are many stages in our life, and I believe a woman has the strength to face any challenge.

Firstly, I had to face the challenge of bringing up my son who is now 6 years old. I believe I have overcome this; it was a very trying time, but I am proud of myself, he now attends school and is in first grade.

Now, I am the proud mother of a baby girl, and she has brought great joy into my life. With all the struggles I have gone through to bring them up, I am amazed at myself.

Through sadness and joy now I live a happy life, as I give thanks to my heavenly father, I want also to thank all at Emerge very specially, Alia Miss, Amanda Miss, Nirukshi Miss, Iro Akka, Udaya Akka, and Udani who have supported me.

My goal is now to overcome all the challenges, I will face in the future and live a successful life.

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