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Networking in Sri Lanka

Getting Emerge Global business cards was the best decision I made before coming back to Colombo. In the time I’ve been back , I must have handed out at least 30 cards. It’s hard to believe I didn’t have them when I first got to Sri Lanka, and they’re proving invaluable right now.

This week has been the week of networking. I’ve been meeting with individuals from all sectors – from Project Managers at USAID to freelance consultants – in order to explore the various options Emerge Global has in setting up a legal entity in Sri Lanka. And when introducing myself and our programs to said individuals, handing them a business card with our beautiful Emerge Global logo on it gives me an added boost of confidence. It’s as if I’m saying “Yes, I am legit. You can respect me, and my organization because of this little 2 x 3.5 inch piece of card stock.”

It gives people a different perception of who I am and what I’m trying to do in Sri Lanka, and is one very small indication of Emerge Global’s overall evolution from a small project to an international presence.

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