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Our first batch of girls graduates from the Emerge Center!

To those who have made me who I am, championed Emerge, and been there for me throughout the ups and downs,

There are moments in life where everything is exactly how it should be… where I’m filled to the brim with joy and emotion and feel completely whole. This is one of those moments. Our first class of girls at our Emerge Center graduated today. Five out of six of these young women have secured great jobs and one is off to pursue her education full-time. For their graduation ceremony, they organized a show where they showcased their public speaking, dancing, singing, yoga, and self-defense skills. I am so unbelievably proud of these young women, our incredible team who has championed them and made the Center a success, and our incredible community who made this dream of a Center come true.

Below you will find some photos from today’s event. This is joy! With love and gratitude, Alia

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