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Former international cricketer and long-time Emerge champion, joins Emerge Lanka Foundation

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Jehan is a former international cricketer and water polo player. He  has represented Sri Lanka at 3 cricket World Cups and captained many  teams throughout his career. He is a qualified high performance cricket  coach and is currently coaching a schools (U19) cricket team. He holds a  degree in science from the University of Colombo. Jehan was also the Chairman of Colombo Round Table 1, a charity and  fellowship club, and it was a club project supporting Emerge which drew  him towards the cause of child sexual abuse in Sri Lanka. He is a firm  believer that to solve any problem, all of society should see it as  ‘their’ problem, and not just affecting ‘women & children’. He is  passionate about Emerge and the cause we represent, and is an active  part of all our programmes and events. 

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