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The Person Whom I Admire

Although Nirukshi (Emerge’s Program Coordinator in Sri Lanka) humbly added “I am not so happy to praise my self” when she included some writing from a participant in her monthly blog post, I’m ever so happy she did, as it shows through a participant’s eyes not only the program itself, but the kindness that is continually extended towards them. Thanks, Nirukshi!

“The Person Whom I Admire”

By Nirukshi de Lanerolle, Program Coordinator In the Beads-to-Business curriculum the girls need to write 12 journals. Once they have completed getting their first certificate in the programme they need to work 3 times as a Banker and 3 times as a Shop Keeper selling beads to the others in the class and they also need to mentor girls junior to them 3 times to receive their second stage certificate.

I was awestruck by the journal Shashi wrote about the person she admires the most… It read like this…

I like Nirukshi teacher, she is very kind, she loves me very much and she is kind to all the girls in my class.

She brings us lots of gifts and she is always mindful about us and wants to find out what are needs are and encourages us about our future, I love to be like Nirukshi Miss…

I thought I was a very lonely person but now I have Nirukshi teacher and I am not afraid, I am very happy now.

She helped me to make and create my own pieces of jewelery and I am so proud.

I love my Nirukshi teacher…

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