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Two Jenny’s!

This month Emerge Lanka welcomed a new volunteer to the team. Her name is Jenny McCombe and she’s brought a great amount of energy, experience, and adventure to the team. It’s not every day that we have a volunteer from abroad who’s comfortable taking the bus by herself, eating scary fish curry with her fingers, and taking charge of a group of 15 teenage girls for an ‘immersion’ English lesson.

Jenny has spent the past several years travelling all over the world, using her spare time to volunteer with organizations in Peru, India, China, and Mexico. (I guess that explains why she’s so adventurous!) She’s worked with orphans, the elderly, teenage mothers and just about everyone in between and her love for people bubbles over in the workshops with our girls.

Jenny will be with us for two months, teaching the girls English and giving talks on some of the many topics that she’s an expert in. We’re totally thrilled to have her and so are the girls.

Jenny, welcome to the team!

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