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Victoria Sato – A Teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School

By: Uadaya Sivakumar Emerge Lanka Financial Officer Victoria Sato, a victim of the Newtown incident. She will be remembered as a hero forever. I am dedicating my blog post to her. I honor Victoria and her sacrifice… I am a strong woman you can see the fire burning in my eyes it’s not the strength of a powered muscle but the hand that is feeding my soul

I am a strong woman that sees beyond the veil walking on clouds as a virtue they become my cushion my syllables of words unspoken carriage of believes carousel of rainbows painted upon my heart become the seal of my energy

I am a strong woman I stand between the two poles darkness and light my arms extended to keep them straight might comes from most powerful source I don’t rely on the potency of the flesh that weakens me with every pore the power within my only authority so vivid and immense remains I am a strong woman

Kasia Fedyk

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