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Visiting the Lions

By: Nirukshi deLanerolle

Emerge Lanka Foundation Program Coordinator

Amanda and I were privileged enough to be invited by the Lions of District 306 B1 Sri Lanka a few weeks ago for their 7th Annual District Convention, which was held in Negombo, 45 kms north of Colombo. As it was commencing at 3 pm,we had to leave Colombo early, because we had to travel so far. On the way we stopped at a friend’s place to have lunch and dress for the occasion, as it was a very grand show.

We arrived in time and were whisked away to sit on the 2nd row of the hall at the Jetwing Blue Hotel. Apart from the members, we were the only ones considered as invitees that evening. The day’s proceedings were speeches given by many important people and many awards were given to Lion’s and their Ladies’ for their honorable services rendered.

We were entertained by a world famous Channa dance ensemble and halfway into the programme Amanda had to give a speech about the work of District Governor Priyantha Fernnando MJF and the members extended to Emerge and the Salvation Army. As token of appreciation, Emerge presented him a letter.

It is great for Emerge to partner with the Lions Club and other non-profit organizations who do work for and with underprivileged children.

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