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Zonta Club Colombo

On Monday April and I visited the one of the Colombo branches of Zonta International, a global organization that promotes women through service and advocacy. I can’t speak highly enough of Colombo’s Zonta Club 2 (there are three Zonta Club chapters in Colombo and one in Kandy). The women that I met were inspiring and inspired. They were bankers, doctors, lawyers, businesswomen, and architects. They believed in their ability to help one another, and their responsibility to help all women.

Knowing the caliber of women I was going to be speaking to, I have to admit I was a little anxious. I gave a short fifteen minute talk about Emerge Global, in which I highlighted the work we do in Sri Lanka, gave background information about the girl’s situations, and told a story about one individual. Afterward the floor was opened for questions, and the women of the Zonta Club were not only receptive and positive about Emerge, but also asked some very tough and relevant questions. It was evident that they were both interested in Emerge and wanted to help us succeed. We even had some brainstorming suggestions thrown out, such as “These girls could work with our Jr. Zonta Club” and “What about selling the jewelry in my store?”

Afterwards April and I spoke one-on-one with many of the club members, making contacts and enjoying the atmosphere. I followed up with many of these women the next day, and received the following beautiful response from Ruchi, an Architect, that I asked to share with all of our readers:

“It’s so beautiful and inspiring – the manner in which you are doing it. That you are re-awakening and using their innate femininity in healing these young girls and helping them grow stronger and more independent – struck a special emotional chord in all of us women. I do believe very strongly in the power of thought and intent – the sheer beauty of the jewelery you displayed is more testament to the healing vibes you are generating.”

Thank you to Zonta Club 2, and especially to Lilamani Dias Benson who invited me to speak and has been an amazing supporter and resource. I am excited about Emerge’s future with Zonta. Our organizations have the same goal – empowering women in Sri Lanka – and it’s energizing to meet organizations that are making large strides towards this goal.

Until next time, Ellen

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